Eat well, move more, breathe deeply, live a life of gratitude

I am passionate about health & well-being & empowering people to live a happy, healthy & connected life.

I have always been active and enjoyed movement in many forms from playing tennis, netball and hockey as a youngster and then discovering Yoga and meditation when I travelled to the Far East at 19. 

I qualified as a Chartered Physiotherapist in 1994 and as a Yoga teacher in 2000. Subsequently, I have always been inspired to explore, work with and integrate the best knowledge and wisdom from both the Western medical model as well as the more holistic Eastern philosophies for optimal health and well-being.  

My post-graduate training includes Clinical Sports Massage, Medical Acupuncture, Cranio-Sacral Therapy Techniques and Healing. I also specialise in movement re-education, through Yoga principles and Pilates.

I specialise in offering unique holistic treatments and sessions designed to empower patients from a body, mind, soul perspective and work in 3 different locations in East Sussex, Hove, Herstmonceux and Halland. For more information please go to the "Locations of where I work" section of the website.

The Yoga I practise and teach is through the wisdom of Vanda Scaravelli, whose philosophy combines mindful movement, releasing tension, breath awareness and awakening the spine. For information on my weekly classes "please go to my Yoga classes page".

In 2016 I qualified as a Coach from the Animas Institute of Coaching, and my main focus is on Health and Wellbeing. I also completed further CPD training with Group Coaching and MECC training (Motivational Interviewing).

I am particularly passionate about supporting Women’s Wellbeing and in 2019 trained with the Red School completing their Women’s Leadership training program. For more information on Women’ Health please go to the "Why Women's Health Matters section"

In 2018, together with my two amazing colleagues, Dr John Simmons, Integrative GP, and Bea Simmons, Integrative Health Facilitator, from Herstmonceux Integrative Centre in East Sussex, I founded VitalityWorks ( a health and wellbeing company. VitalityWorks has the 4 principles of health as its main philosophy; EAT, MOVE, BREATHE, LOVE and we have taught programs in schools and are currently facilitating a health coach project within the NHS.    

I have completed many different post-graduate workshops and courses, particularly on low back pain, studying with Sarah Keys and with The Mckenzie Institute of Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy.

Since 2008 I have been lecturing and teaching for the inspirational Jing Institute of clinical Massage (  on their orthopaedic assessment, rehabilitation and working with the Spine courses, and also currently on their BTEC level 6 programme.  

For more than 20 years I have been deepening my own understanding of staying healthy and well through working with the body, mind and emotions in a committed, kind-hearted, honest, curious and natural way and have a daily Yoga and Meditation practice. I am, therefore passionate about supporting people to find ways to live a more balanced life by exploring these and other techniques, so they can live the life they wish to live.

On a personal note, I love spending time with my wonderful husband and amazing daughter, being in nature, having fireside connection time with friends, enjoy dancing and movement in general. I have a particular passion for making, eating and sharing rather delicious raw chocolate sugar-free treats!