Integrative Health Model

Integrative Health Model of Healing; ‘GOALS NOW’

This is a model I created to show how I see an ‘Integrative Person-Centered Approach to Health Care’ should ideally look.


The model demonstrates, that when a person, is being supported by the various different people, services and disciplines their health and well-being is optimised.

We should no longer just look at a part of the persons body in isolation. We are a complete being with a physical body, emotions and energy.

The 4 principles are: EAT, MOVE, BREATHE, LOVE

EAT focuses on positive nutrition, a wide variety of fresh foods.
MOVE focuses on regular movement in terms of all the aspects; stamina, strength, flexibility
and skill (balance and co-ordination).
BREATHE is about emotional resilience.
LOVE is the foundation; it is conscious awareness and connection.

I believe that the 4 principles really are the heartbeat of our health and wellbeing.

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Expansion for Wellbeing

Expansion for Wellbeing

Stress and tension, too much thinking, not moving enough, lack of sleep and time in nature and poor nutrition can all contribute to tension in the body, mind, heart and lead to a general feeling of ‘discomfort’ and ‘disconnection’.

Having worked in health and wellbeing for over 25 years I believe there is a very clear relationship with connection to self, other and all things and our health and wellbeing. When we are not in touch with ourselves, not noticing what we are eating, how we are acting, thinking, communicating and not making positive lifestyle choices then it is much more likely that this leads to disconnection and illness or dis-ease.

There are so many known self-care practices that are deeply supportive to help connection, and that also restore the body, heart and mind back to a state of balance.

As a meditator and yoga practitioner of many years my main focus, in my own practice, is to release tension from my body, heart and mind and encourage a sense of expansion from my ‘inner space’ outwards. I find this practice incredibly powerful, nourishing, regenerative, reconnective and helps awaken a deep sense of awareness, presence and calmness. It feels like I am connecting to my soul, the most intimate part of myself. When I combine this with being in nature it has a completely amplifying effect which deepens the experience.

Exploring Expansion Exercise

Why not try it…here’s one way of exploring this.

You can do this anywhere, be creative….sitting, lying, standing, walking…in headstand….

Find a comfortable position for the body. Close your eyes and feel the places where the body touches the ground, take a few breaths and encourage on the exhalation for a sense of the body releasing into the ground, with gravity and feel the support the ground offers back. Spend a few moments scanning your body and checking if there is any tension that you could breathe into and release. Once you are feeling quieter bring your breathing focus to the centre of your heart and every time you breathe in imagine gently expanding your heart centre and softening your body on the exhalation.

After a few breaths start to imagine and feel into the expansion opening out further and moving into the whole body, then to the edges of the body, then out beyond the body into the space around you.

Stay connected to your breathing at your heart centre and with this continued feeling imagine expanding beyond the body and out into all the space around you connecting with the infinite, limitless space, all the known and unknown things in your field of awareness.

Continue with this feeling of the ‘whole body breathing’, or what I like to call ‘soul breathing’, and with the unlimited feeling of expanding from the inside out. After a few minutes gently bring your awareness back to your body and open your eyes and notice how your feeling.

Don’t worry if your mind wanders, when you notice just call yourself back, ….again and again with your breath.

I would say this is one of the most potent practices I am committed to throughout my day, to help me stay present, open, checking how my body, heart and mind is responding in each moment. It can really make the difference between feeling balanced and connected or exhausted at the end of the day. Tension, contraction and overthinking takes up so much of our energy resources.

Try it and see…..remember…it only takes one focused breath to connect again!

Suzy Greenwood

Physiotherapy, Energy Medicine, Movement Education, Health & Wellness Coaching



Our world is full of magnetic forces and electromagnetic waves that are not in alignment with our own energetic field. Think phone, electricity, microwaves, smart meters ….etc, etc.

There is strong evidence to suggest that some illness and disease is due to these electromagnetic waves affecting our own sensitive frequency.

One of the best, easiest ways of grounding is simple and easy. What could be more connective than walking barefoot on the earth. It is recommended that to walk, stand or lie on the earth for at least 30 minutes has very powerful healing potential. It is preferable if the grass is wet for walking on, you can also get the same beneficial effect if you to walk on sand.

‘Grounding shows benefit for inflammation, the immune response, wound healing, and the prevention and treatment of chronic inflammatory and autoimmune diseases’ (Dr Mercola,

The Earth carries a huge negative charge which is electron-rich and acts as a powerful ‘anti-oxidant’ helping to remove free radicals from the body.

We are part of nature. Nature is part of us so there is no surprise that walking directly on the earth helps our own energy to flow more freely. In our busy lives where most people tend to live in their heads the grounding and calming results of walking barefoot on the earth has also shown to reduce stress, anxiety, improving sleep, reducing joint pain and other disorders.

There is a great documentary on YouTube called "The Grounded" which is well worth watching as it explores this in more detail.

You can also buy earthing products for your home such as earthing mats for sleeping

‘According to Dr Stephen Sinatra, a prominent cardiologist, inflammation thrives when your blood is thick and you have a lot of free radical stress, and a lot of positive charges in your body. Grounding effectively alleviates inflammation because it thins your blood and infuses you with negatively charged ions through the soles of your feet. Also, medical infrared imaging has shown that inflammation begins to subside within 30 minutes on being grounded'. (


Suzy Greenwood

Physiotherapy, Energy Medicine, Movement Education, Health & Wellness Coaching