Body Alchemy

Why ‘Body Alchemy’?

‘Body Alchemy’ has been born from my own personal connection, movement
and enquiry practices over the last few years which has not only included Yoga but
also a combination of Somatic exercises, Meditation, visualisation, breathing exercises, Energy Medicine (through Donna Eden’s work) and Yoga Nidra (deep rest).

Within this enquiry the exploration of working with the elements and how this transmits to working through the medium of the body, has been incredibly healing and transformational.


The class is open to everyone. It is a blend of simple, gentle and  effective movements and practices that help relax the body, calm the mind and settle the emotions. It is suitable for anyone, anyone who wishes to feel relaxed and calm, and also really helpful for anyone with anxiety, stress, depression and/or those in recovery from fatigue related health challenges such as chronic fatigue and long covid.

It is online via the platform zoom, so you don’t have to go anywhere, and following the class you can just relax into your evening and hopefully deep restful sleep.

The first class is free, so do try it and see if it suits you. You don’t need to worry about flexibility, you just need to be able to either lie down on the floor on a yoga or exercise mat, or if it is difficult getting onto the floor, it is possible to do on a bed if its firm.

When we settle and relax, we recalibrate and rebalance our nervous system, moving away from the inflammatory drivers, caused by the sympathetic part of our nervous system and stimulate the more anti-inflammatory parasympathetic nervous system.

The wonderful and ancient message of Alchemy is that by balancing the elements we have access to the ancient alchemy of the ‘philosophers stone’, our inner gold that emerges when all our elements are balanced.

Practicing with the elements, in relation to how they express themselves in our body, offers an incredible sense of balance, freedom and deep relaxation within the nervous system.
Earth; Connecting to the earth and gravity, letting go of tension
Water; Connecting to movement, fluidity, flow
Fire; Connecting to our energy body, freeing stuck energy and balancing the doing with the being
Air; Connecting to our breath and opening the heart
Ether; Connecting to ether, spirit and the creative healing energy that moves in all things.

Body Alchemy

Monday evenings Online Class 6 – 7.00pm

£10/£7 online via zoom

Starts Monday 15th April 2024

Suitable for anyone with stress, anxiety, depression and poor sleep


For more information email or call 07939 580743

‘Alchemy is about changing yourself, through the medium of your body, through all the
elements and finding the gold inside, then resting and resourcing yourself within that expansive love’ SG

Helpful hints for the class

  • Wear comfortable clothes you can easily move around in.
  • If you can have a yoga or exercise mat to lie on. If you don’t have one then a large towel is helpful
  • Have with you a couple of cushions, yoga blocks and, or bolster, and a blanket and eye pillow if you have, or a scarf/flannel to put over your eyes if you wish during the relaxation.
  • Set up your computer/phone/iPad so that you can see me, as I will be demonstrating
  • I would prefer if you had your camera on, but if you can’t, or you would prefer not to then that’s fine.
  • It is really important that you do all the exercises gently. It is not so much about range of movement, more about reprogramming the nervous system with safe, pain free movement to support deep relaxation and release of tension.
  • I do offer careful and clear guidance about the movements we will be exploring, however, I will not be able to correct you or offer suggestions individually, so if anything you do does not feel right or is painful, stop and, or do less.