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Bronze Option - Transformational life Sessions

"We as human beings have a huge capacity to tap into and connect with our innate inner wisdom, the place within that knows what we need for healing and transformation to happen. It can however, be really helpful and change can happen more quickly, if we work with an experienced guide on our journey."

‘You were born with wings, why prefer to crawl through life?’ Rumi

The bronze option offers you 6 sessions, a combination of the following:

2 Coaching Sessions

The initial session will be an invitation to explore what it is you wish to focus on and change in your life. We may start to work with the ‘4 Principles Of Health Journal’, or the ‘10 Steps Emotional Resilience Program’ or the ‘WiseWoman WellWoman Manual’. These are unique health journals created by me, the VitalityWorks team ( and a behavioural change specialist. Other coaching models may also be explored and incorporated within these programs such as the ‘GROW' model. 

2 Mindful Movement Sessions 

You will have an initial assessment to identify your needs from a body, mind and emotional perspective and then I will create an individualised program for you combining Yoga, Pilates and where needed Cardio-vascular exercises. You will then go away and practise, and subsequent sessions will review, modify and progress your program and allow you to deepen your experience of working with your body in a conscious way. The style of Yoga is based on the principles of Vanda Scaravelli’s teachings which focuses on working with gravity to release tension, strengthening our inner core muscles, awakening the spine, connecting to our breath and calming the mind. For more information go to the "Vanda Scaravelli" page.

2 Rebalancing And Healing Sessions

A combination of Cranio-Sacral therapy techniques and Healing invites deep transformation to the body, heart and mind, helping to unravel deeply held tension patterns and rebalancing your energy through the chakra system.

The recommendation is for 2 sessions of each. The first coaching session would need to be an hour but the second hour could be 2 half-hour sessions. The number of movement sessions would be 2 as the first is about creating your individual program and the second would be reassessing, modifying, changing and/or progressing. You're welcome to have any combination of the 6 sessions and this is best discussed with me to ensure an optimal outcome.

"There is a well of being inside yourself, you need to nurture it, connect to it and continually fill it up on a  daily basis by wise practices and then when you are feeling parched and dehydrated by life’s challenges there is always a place within that you can connect to and drink deeply and thrive again."

Cost is £500

This includes

  • The 6 sessions at one of the 3 clinics of your choice, Hove, Halland or Herstmonceux. Skype, Zoom or phone calls can also be an option for the coaching sessions.
  • Use of the Health Journal.
  • A one day retreat that I run throughout the year to help deepen your experience of connection and well-being.
  • Free space at one of my yoga classes online on in Hove.

For more information and to book your sessions call me on 07939 580743 or email

Once booked you will receive an email explaining the terms and conditions of the program. Different price plan options are available from either full payment, half payment, or a series of monthly payments discussed. 

"Your present and future life is in your hands, transform your life by committing now to this unique and empowering program, say yes to yourself and yes to life!"