Restore, Rehabilitate, Reintegrate

Healing: Energy & light work

Healing is an ancient natural practice where the ‘healer’ is able to channel healing light energy through themselves to the person receiving. This is done over the clothes and generally, the person receiving is in the lying position, but it can also be offered in the seated position. The hands are gently placed on different parts of the body, mostly the feet, along the central body, where the chakra (energy centres) are located and the head and/or any part of the body that has pain or discomfort.

A person may feel calm and relaxed whilst receiving the healing and this can help to support deep relaxation and transformation by reducing stress, tension, anxiety, past experiences and trauma and generally is supportive for the person’s physical, emotional and mental well-being.

Receiving a healing treatment helps to encourage the life force to flow again helping to restore a sense of equilibrium. Healing is really effective as a course of treatments to work through past and present issues and can help establish a new way of being in the body and also can be received as a standalone self-nourishing treatment.

Suzy’s initial healing training was over 25 years ago initially studying Reiki 1 and 2 in the Uk and then subsequently her Reiki Masters in India in 2003. She has also studied spiritual healing and channels and works consciously with the Archangel energy and her healing guides.

‘The more I work with and practice clearing the limited parts of myself that get in the way of connecting to the higher light forces the deeper, more authentic and clearer my connection channel has become. I feel deeply grateful for the infinite support from the archangel’s and my own healing guides.’ - Suzy