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                                                  Menstrual Cycle Awareness Workshop for Women                                                                  Discover the power of your menstrual cycle       

Nect date TBC  

 A virtual workshop via zoom with

                                                                              Suzy Greenwood                                                                               Physiotherapist, Yoga Teacher, Life & Health Coach & Menstruality Mentor           

                                                             Cost £35/£30 all women welcome, for over 15's (15 to18 years £10)                                                                     If your income has been greatly affected by the pandemic please do contact Suzy to discuss a donation

We as women have an incredible power within. Our menstrual cycle is our ‘wild power’, ignited at menarche (first bleed), practiced during our cycling years and then becoming our true empowered self, post-menopause.

Culturally this has been denied, it has not been given a voice or celebrated and has often either been ignored or has become a wound. It is however, our secret power, our compass.

When we learn to connect to our cycle everyday it can become a mindful spiritual practice that can help us awaken to ourselves. We wish for our cycle to be a normal part of the conversation. Let’s learn together about this ancient knowledge that is deep within us, so that we can practice it for ourselves and also bring healing to future generations.

These teachings are from ancient knowledge, embodied experience and wisdom from Alexandra Pope and Sjane Hugo-Wurlitzer of ‘The Red School’. www.redschool.net

In this workshop you will be learning and exploring;


  • The different maps within the menstrual cycles and how to work with them in a conscious way.
  • You will learn how your cycle can help transform your life.
  • Know and understand your unique self and become more conscious and aware.
  • Support your health and well-being, especially your self-care.
  • Connect to different aspects of the cycle enabling you to be in life more fully exploring your gifts and challenges in a powerful, transformative way.
  • Work with hormonal issues such as PMT/painful periods/Endometriosis/hormonal imbalances.
  • Work with different practices, techniques and ways that can really support you at different phases of your cycle; including yoga postures, Heart Math, Meditation, Energy Medicine Techniques and the best Self-Care practices of different parts of your cycle.
  • Learn how to chart your cycle effectively

‘To Know yourself is the beginning of all wisdom’ – Socrates

For more information contact Suzy on 07939 580743

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For more information please call me on 07939 580743


With Suzy Greenwood (nee Daw); Physiotherapist, Yoga Teacher, Health & Well-being Coach, Menstruality Mentor

Suzy has been working in health and well-being for over 25 years and currently works in clinics in East Sussex as an Integrative Physiotherapist and teaches Yoga. She also delivers a Health Coaching program in the NHS alongside a GP.  She has many years of teaching and facilitating groups, workshops, courses and retreats and is passionate about supporting others in their life, health and well-being journey.