Privacy Policy

Privacy and Consent Statement

In respect of the General Data Protection Regulations May 2018, I am letting you know how I store and use your personal data collected either by myself, through email or post.

As a practising Therapist and Yoga Teacher it is my duty of care to hold personal data such as phone numbers, addresses, email contacts and personal information, that you have shared with me, within my care to enable me to contact you and support you.

I never pass any of your details on to anyone else unless you have specifically asked me to contact either another Health Professional, GP, Teacher, Therapist etc.

I fully respect your personal data an in alignment with my own and professional code of conduct and I consider your personal data private and protection of this personal information to be a very important matter.

What data do I collect? : Your name, address, e-mail, phone number, personal and present medical history, your GP surgery.

Where do I store your data?: On computer documents protected by passwords, very limited access and backups. Within email accounts and Mailchimp newsletter accounts, protected by passwords.
I also store names, phone numbers and email addresses in my personal diary, some current patients numbers on my phone and a patient/yoga student contact book. This is either located with me, in my locked car, or within my office at home.

Any current patient notes which has personal information are kept in a locked box at home or locked box in my car so I have them with me and so they are carried in a safe way between clinics.
How long do I keep your data?I keep your data until such a time as you inform me of your intention of no longer wishing to receive information from me; e.g. via a Mailchimp newsletter which you can unsubscribe from. Old patient notes I keep in a locked box in my home for 10 years.

What is the process if you ask to be removed from my records?As a small business and sole trader I am responsible if anyone asks me to remove them from the newsletter or from my email contact list. I am bound by a duty of care, my own and by my regulatory bodies, The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy ( and The Health and Care Professionals Council ( to keep patient notes for at least 8 years.

Bank account details: If I have needed your bank account details they are only stored online within my banking system protected by my own passwords and the banks systems.

If you would like further information please feel free to contact me.