Changing your mind, Healing your body, Opening Your heart

Why choose to have Coaching for Health and Well-being?

Anyone can benefit from life coaching. Essentially life coaching is all about health and well- being as if we are discontent in an area of our lives, whether that is to do with our health, our relationships, money, work, lifestyle choices they all impact our wellbeing.
Do you notice that there are certain patterns of behaviours, thought patterns or strong emotions that keep circulating in your body, heart or mind? Are you fed up with thinking the same old thoughts and getting stick in unhealthy patterns? Coaching can offer you a way out, offers a new way to look at situations, your thoughts and emotions to bring about positive change. Suzy works with each individual to help them discover what the main issues a person has and then through careful questioning and exploring techniques and offering new ways of looking at things can help someone to ‘self-actualise’ for them to see the way they are thinking, feeling, acting that is undermining their lives and supports a person to find new ways that they resonate with to change these for the positive.

If you answer ‘yes’ to the following questions and it may help you become clearer that coaching may be helpful for you.

Are you unhappy with all or an aspect or your life?

Is there something in your life that you are wishing to change or explore?

Do you have a problem or issue that you find really difficult to work with, a pattern that you keep falling into that feels old and outdated?

Coaching can help to

  • Explore a current problem or situation
  • Address unhealthy habits or patterns of behaviour
  • Live the life you really want to live
  • Find a new direction in your life
  • Find a way to live the ‘work/life balance’ in a more positive way
  • Create a more positive mind set
  • Take control of your health and well-being

These days many people are choosing to work with a coach who can help support them explore some or all of these issues in their lives that they may feel may be limiting them in some way.
A Coaching session can be thought of as ‘a solution focused, collaborative conversation between the coach and the coachee.’

Really want to change ?

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