Yoga with Suzy Greenwood

Healing through movement - Mindful Movement

Move to live, move to transform yourself

Suzy has been practicing yoga since 1991 and teaching since 2000. She is an exceptionally knowledgeable teacher drawing on her own dedicated self-practice of many years as well as her training as a Physiotherapist.

Her own practice and teaching is inspired by the work and principles of Vanda Scaravelli (who wrote the brilliant book Awakening the Spine) and she continues to study regularly with her teacher, the wonderful Diane Long,, who was Vanda's main student for many years. Diane has recently co-authored a fantastic book  with Sophie Hoare about this way of working with the body called 'Notes on Yoga'.

The principles of the practice are to work with the spine,  gravity and breath awareness. The focus of the practice is to release tension from the body and mind, especially the bigger outdoor muscles and awaken the deeper core muscles. As this happens it is possible to connect with the 'wave like motion of the spine' which helps to facilitate a sense of lightness in the upper body whilst quietening the mind and helping one discover the infinate freedom and natural lightness of our being.

As a person Suzy is well known for her ability to hold and create a 'safe, connective, loving space'.

Her skill as a teacher encourages each person to move in their body to their own abilities, whilst she offers gentle guidance that helps to release, strengthen, create space or 'wake up' the body.

'I had been studying Iyengar Yoga for 5 years before I discovered 'Scaravelli Inspried Yoga', I instantly knew that this was of being moving in my body helped to awaken an innate intelligence that felt covered by the physical and emotional tensions of life. It took a while to really start to access and open the different parts of my body that had become very 'stuck' but once I started connecting to this deeper truth then the deeper layers of 'the unbound body' revealed itself. I find the older I get the more vital it is to be engaging with a practice that continually informs me of how to move, how to release tension, how to strengthen and how to clear my mind of all the rubbish it goes on about!' - Suzy



Suzy teaches regular classes, workshops and courses in East Sussex


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