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Yoga Classes Online

Welcome to Suzy’s online yoga classes. They were birthed during the ‘lockdown time,’ and together with her wonderful loyal students, they were all surprised how well they worked. If you have never experienced an online class before do come and try and hopefully, you will be happy with the experience.

They work especially well if you have some knowledge of yoga, so you know how to keep yourself safe, and also when you know some of the postures, it will mean that you can spend more time exploring your own practice rather than having to watch during the talked through demonstrating. 

It is always best to go to a regular class and have the support of a teacher who knows you and your body and can help guide you individually and help you stay safe and deepen your practice.

However, the advantage to an online class is you don’t have to travel to the class and can enjoy a great guided session from the comfort of your home.

First Saturday of the month

(there may be some changes for bank holiday weekends so do the check the class page found here)

9.30 to 11.30 am

Cost £15/£12 

We will be hosting the sessions via the online platform zoom. It is an easy to access conference video call. You are able to turn off your camera too if you want to and you will be requested to turn off your microphone to reduce interference.

If you are interested in the sessions and have never practised with Suzy before then do go to the yoga videos section here, and try a few postures or one of the 30-minute practice.

Some suggestions for you

Find a comfortable and quiet place to practice where you will not be disturbed.

It is helpful to have a non-slip mat, ideally a yoga mat, to practice on. If you don’t have that try an exercise mat or even a long non-slip material like a long towel. 

If you are on a wooden floor you may like to double up your mat as some movements feel uncomfortable if you practice on a wooden floor (like roll-ups)

Wear comfortable clothes you can move around in that won’t restrict your movement and your breathing. 

Always listen to your body and only move in ways that feel helpful to release tension and open joints and soft tissues.

If something doesn’t feel right then always stop and come out of a posture, do less and explore the first part of the movement.

If you have never practised yoga before do be very gentle with movements and go slowly and carefully.

It is SO IMPORTANT to never push or force your body when practising.

You can practice at any time of the day but at least 2 hours after a full meal and 1 hour after a light meal.

If you find your body is too stiff in the morning then make sure you take a shower, bath or a walk to loosen up, but the style of yoga is gentle and the way Suzy teaches allows the body to slowly unravel, release tension and stiffness starting with simple postures and then moving onto deeper slightly stronger postures later in the session.  

These practices have been offered to support your well-being so enjoy the journey.

For more information please do get in contact with Suzy, go to one of her classes ( Yoga Classes Here ), or have a one to one session with her. 

DISCLAIMER: Suzy does not take any responsibility for any injury caused by following her yoga sessions. Do take care and listen to your body.

For information on how to join one of these sessions please download the guide below.