Integrative Health Model of Healing; ‘GOALS NOW’

This is a model I created to show how I see an ‘Integrative Person-Centered Approach to Health Care’ should ideally look.


The model demonstrates, that when a person, is being supported by the various different people, services and disciplines their health and well-being is optimised.

We should no longer just look at a part of the persons body in isolation. We are a complete being with a physical body, emotions and energy.

The 4 principles are: EAT, MOVE, BREATHE, LOVE

EAT focuses on positive nutrition, a wide variety of fresh foods.
MOVE focuses on regular movement in terms of all the aspects; stamina, strength, flexibility
and skill (balance and co-ordination).
BREATHE is about emotional resilience.
LOVE is the foundation; it is conscious awareness and connection.

I believe that the 4 principles really are the heartbeat of our health and wellbeing.

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