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Health Coaching Testimonials

"I feel incredibly lucky to have met Suzy. She is working with me on a complex combination of targeted physiotherapy and mental and physical health support and my life is changing positively before my eyes. Her holistic approach is unique and extremely rewarding, focused on both short and long term goals across a wide range of topics and techniques. My confidence and optimism are returning and my rehabilitation from surgery is accelerating with her help.  I feel very supported and safe to talk about anything and if Suzy can't help in a particular area,  she has a wide network of specialist help to refer me to. I can't recommend Suzy enough."

"Suzy is easy to talk to and an excellent listener leaving space to really explore oneself without feeling threatened. She is insightful and able to pick up on the finer detail which I often missed whilst ruminating on the way forward. She is playful and light but equally capable of holding you whilst dealing with difficult thoughts and feelings"

"Suzy is warm and friendly yet professional and boundaried, she uses useful exercises to help order my thoughts and offered sound insights when I was struggling. Her experience in working with the body helped me to connect my thoughts to feelings which empowered me to take action"

'"I would recommend Suzy, she has a lovely manner about her and I felt free to express myself without the fear of judgment"

"I would heartily recommend Suzy as a coach, who has helped me in many different ways to look at issues in an 'adult way' in an 'adult space"

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