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Why Women’s Health Matters ?

"We as women have a power inside us all ready to awaken, that connects us deeply, profoundly and authentically to ourselves and our true nature, to each other and all things…are you ready to reconnect with who you really are, to the source of all your divine feminine creativity, passions and joy, to all of creation herself ?"

We all need to look after our health and well-being. As women, we are more traditionally known for our ability to ‘multi-task’. Even the part of our brain that enables us to attend to many things at once has been well developed since our ancestor’s time when we would have all lived together in a more tribal existence. Men would traditionally go off hunting and women stay closer to a camp, tending the hearth, the fires, foraging and looking after the children. 

This is a gift…. this also has its challenges….. our ability to multi-task can also potentially lead us to feeling scattered, overwhelmed and disconnected.

If we are always trying to ‘do’, ‘take note of everything that is happening and respond’ and be ‘all things to all people’ it is no wonder that we often feel overwhelmed, stressed, anxious and out of balance.

Throughout my journey of becoming more conscious, I noticed that most of the time I was living with a strong current of unsettled feelings that seemed to dictate my life. Having a very overactive mind and imagination, and many unprocessed feelings that I did not understand or know how to deal with them, I started to notice that I never felt truly grounded, relaxed, at ease and content.

Once I become aware of this my enquiry become a thirst and a quest to explore how to feel more connected, content, relaxed and live in a wholehearted way with a grounded sense of belonging. 

This has led me to study many different practices that connect and bring awareness to the body, heart, mind, and soul, such as Yoga, meditation, self-enquiry and self-development techniques.

Yoga and meditation are vital for my well-being. Over the past 25 years I have practised both, been on silent retreats in the Uk, Spain and India and also participated in various self-development training programs, the most influential being Women Within including returning to help on this program, Women’s retreats with Spirit Horse Community, The Bridge Retreat, The Red School’s Women’s Leadership Training Program and Women in Power.

As a hand’s on therapist I have worked with hundreds of women over the past 20 years both in my clinic, (Physiotherapy and Holistic Treatments, including Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Medical Acupuncture, Healing and as a Well-being Coach) and also offered women’s yoga workshops and retreats.

My most recent training with the Red School (www.redschool.net) has helped develop my interest in working with the wisdom of the menstrual cycle, through Menstrual Cycle Awareness (MCA) and supporting other women to work with theirs for health and well-being. 

MCA has deepened connection and intimacy to my cycle and taught me how to acknowledge and work with my strengths and gifts and also my tensions and challenges. It is a spiritual and mindfulness practice of self-care. This supports us knowing ourselves better so we can bring our gifts into manifestation and follow our soul calling.

I am passionate about supporting women to help themselves in their own unique way, to build self-awareness, kindness and compassion. I developed the WellWoman WiseWomen teachings to offer women treatments, coaching, self-care practices, courses, workshops and retreats to support and empower women to be their unique amazing selves so their hearts and souls can shine brightly.

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There is an indigenous saying that goes;

‘At menarche (first bleed) we are shown our power, during our cycling (menstruating) years we practice our power and at menopause we become our power’