Changing your mind, Healing your body, Opening Your heart

Why have a session with me?

I have over 25 years of working in health and am passionate about health and well-being. I believe that each person has the opportunity to feel the best they can be, whatever their beliefs or personal limitations. I trained with the Animas Centre for Coaching in London ( and bring over 20 years of mindfulness and meditation practice, Physiotherapy, Yoga training and committed personal development to coaching sessions. I offer person-centred coaching, which supports another to find the answers within themselves through gentle questioning, reflections and where appropriate coaching models.

Here's what clients have shared.

"Suzy is easy to talk to and an excellent listener leaving space to really explore oneself without feeling threatened. She is insightful and able to pick up on the finer detail which I often missed whilst ruminating on the way forward. She is playful and light but equally capable of holding you whilst dealing with difficult thoughts and feelings"

"I would recommend Suzy, she has a lovely manner about her and I felt free to express myself without the fear of judgment"

Are you ready to make the commitment to change and live the life you wish to live?

I have developed and often work with a health coaching journal which bases "4 principles" of health and well-being as the foundation of wellness. For more information about the "4 principles" please visit my other website.

Change for the better?

Changing our mental, physical and emotional patterns and habits can be really challenging and hard work on our own. We may have tried in the past to change aspects of our life but get stuck or slip back into old ways that are familiar, even if they are unhealthy. Real change has to happen on a mind, body, soul level. Working with a Coach means that you have someone who is supporting you with this change and you are witnessed and accountable for the changes that you make in your life.

Our Soul; Space for ourselves

Our soul is the core of our being. It is unaffected by the highs and lows of life and is not burdened by the unhealthy choices, challenges we experience and problems that occur. To live the life we were born to live, we need to be able to connect and listen to our soul.

In the business of life it is so easy to become disconnected to our soul and when we are not connected to our true selves life does not flow well externally and internally.

Coaching offers a space to reconnect with our true essence, the place where we can listen, understand what we need to do in each moment or become clear around the right choices and in which direction to go.

A person-centred approach to coaching allows you to explore your questions in a supportive, non-judgemental, empathetic space enabling you to get clarity in the areas of life you need help.

‘A problem may not always be solvable but it is always explorable’ Robert Stephenson (From Animas Coaching)

For more info or a free introductory chat call me on 07939 580743 or email

Physiotherapy & Treatments Costs: Each session is an hour and is £70

If your financial circumstances mean you could not afford this amount then please contact me to discuss a reduced rate .

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