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Yoga Workshops

‘The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are’ - Joseph Campbell

Workshops are a wonderful way to explore, with more time, your practice and yourself in more depth. They have different themes such as ‘Gravity and levity’, ‘Breath of Life’, ‘Opening the hips’ or 'Releasing the Spine'.

'Awakening Vitality'

Saturday May 8th 2021

9.30 to 11.30am

A virtual workshop via zoom

The beginning of May, the peak of spring and beginning of summer is when the festival of Beltane is celebrated, which is all about sexuality, sensuality, vitality and joy. As we are part of nature and nature is part of us, we can work with, awaken and explore the energy of this time.

Many of us love the summer, the longer, warmer days, the ‘joy’ in our hearts when the sun shines brightly and the natural vitality we can feel. If the body is bound by tension, the mind agitated, our heart closed and energy blocked it is really difficult to feel any vitality.

In this workshop we will be exploring Yoga postures, Heart Math Breathing techniques, Energy Medicine Principles and Meditation to help release tension from the body, calm the mind, open the heart and allowing energy to flow. As we unburden ourselves, we awaken our natural vitality so we can really enjoy all the gifts that the summer time and uplifting energy brings.

Cost: £20 (£15 concessions)

Pre-booking is essential. Please email me to book your place.

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