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Women's Retreats

Because of the pandemic, all retreats are on hold for now, if you would like to join one in the future and you are not on the mailing list then please join here

‘’Suzy’s wonderful wealth of knowledge, her loving presence and ability to articulate her wisdom and lightness make her retreat days a must for anyone seeking nourishment for the soul, a reconnection to joy, a sense of community and an overall grounded sense of being’’ - Thaisa

Retreats for women are a unique combination of all the good things we need in life to bring us back to ourselves for health, happiness, wellbeing and deep authentic connection. We will be exploring yoga practices, meditation, menstrual or moon cycle awareness (MCA) nature connection, self-enquiry, deep resting and coaching techniques to help unravel, reflect, renew, and rejuvenate.

The days are offered in natural surroundings, which are quiet and calming and I hold a loving safe space that inspires trust and authenticity. This enables you to let go and rest into your true self with more honesty and depth.

‘There is something magical that happens when women come together. We know, deep in our bones, how to let go and find ourselves again. We all hold a part of the scared space for the day and that allows each woman to be how she needs to be in a non-judgmental, supportive and healing environment’.

The days also include nourishing food, unlimited tea and snacks and of course really delicious, homemade cake to share.

"The day retreat was a wonderful nourishing day. Suzy created a nurturing space which was supportive and relaxing. It was so lovely to take a day retreat that combined yoga, meditation,  and connecting with nature with amazing homemade organic food. I loved every part of it. Thank you Suzy, I look forward to joining you for another one soon." - Claude

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There is an indigenous saying that goes;

‘At menarche (first bleed) we are shown our power, during our cycling (menstruating) years we practice our power and at menopause we become our power’