Restore, Rehabilitate, Reintegrate

My approach to treatments

My unique approach to treatment comes from training in western approaches such as Physiotherapy and Pilates whilst combining my knowledge and experience of more Eastern and Holistic practices such as Yoga, Medical Acupuncture, Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Healing and Myofascial work. 

I bring my training as a Health and Wellbeing Coach to sessions which means I offer a truly multi-dimensional, integrative treatment that supports each individual client, empowering them to create change where needed and support their physical needs. With my diverse skills, I clinically evaluate and intuitively choose the most appropriate techniques and treatment to best support and optimise client care and outcomes. I specialise in low back pain and also anxiety and stress management from a holistic perspective.

Physiotherapy & Treatments Costs: Sessions are on a sliding scale of £60 - £80

The sliding scale can be tailored to your financial circumstances, please feel free to discuss with me prior to or at your initial session.

For those having ongoing regular weekly or bi-monthly sessions payment options may differ. Please contact me for more details.