Releasing, Remembering, Reclaiming

Releasing tension, remembering your natural movement and reclaiming freedom in your body, heart and mind through, gravity, breath, awareness and enquiry

Yoga inspired by Vanda Scaravelli

What is Yoga?

Yoga is a complete practise that helps to bring balance and wholeness to the body, mind and soul. Originating from India the word ‘Yoga’ means union. There are many different forms and styles, Hatha being the most popular in the west. 

My Style

I have been practising yoga since 1991, firstly studying Iyengar, Sivananda and since 2000 inspired by and exploring Vanda Scarvelli’s teachings. I am studying currently with my teacher Diane Long ( who was one of Vanda’s main students. Vanda’s teachings encourage releasing to gravity, letting go of tension, awakening the spine, focused breathing and cultivating awareness. For more information on Vanda go to the "Vanda section of the website"

I have been teaching weekly classes since 2004 and offer regular workshops, courses and retreats.

The Benefits Of Yoga

  • Improving flexibility and space in the muscles, joints and fascia.
  • Increasing muscle strength and improved posture.
  • Focusing and calming the mind for stillness and peace.
  • Improving effective breathing, increasing energy levels.
  • Increasing a positive mind-set, general happiness and contentment.
  • Increasing balance, co-ordination and skill.
  • Moving and clearing energy or ‘prana’ around and though the body.
  • Increasing awareness of and connection to self, other and all things.

What To Expect From A Class

Classes involve being guided through gentle movements and postures whilst focusing the mind, releasing tension and exploring breathing.

I draw on a wealth of knowledge, from my own practice of over 25 years, and as an experienced Physiotherapist and bodyworker. I encourage each person to move within their own abilities, whilst offering gentle guidance to help release, strengthen or 'wake up' the body where needed. 

I am known for my ability to hold and create a 'safe, connective, loving space'. 

For more information on classes visit "Yoga Classes & Online".

My Practice & Focus

The way I practise is through deep inner listening, I am guided by my body's wisdom and intuitive knowing, working with it not against it.

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"I am immensely grateful for the learning, transformational and deepening journey I have been exploring with all my teachers, and especially my Yoga teacher Diane. I have been very fortunate to have spent many weeks with her over the years, studying Vanda’s wisdom, together with her own unique philosophy, and insights of this ancient practice." Suzy

For more information about Vanda Scaravelli and yoga with Diane, go to"Vanda Scaravelli" section.