Integrative Health Model of Healing; ‘GOALS NOW’

This is a model Suzy created how she sees an ‘Integrative Person-Centered Approach to Health Care’ would ideally look like.


With the person at the centre, surrounded by the 4 principles of health and well-being, with all the different people, services and ways that support a person’s healing journey to optimal health influencing and supporting them through this combined network of different disciplines.

This regenerative, sustainable and transformational model works when all disciplines involved in someone’s care considers all the 4 principles and each other’s expertise and input and the interconnected web of them all. It is really a model of current ‘ideal multi-disciplinary team’ but with the added foundation of the 4 principles embedded within it. We can no longer just look at a ‘part of the
person’s body’ in isolation. We are a complete human being with a physical body, emotions, a mind and an energy body. All of these are undeniably interlinked and affect each other and it is vital that they are all working together for our whole organism to feel connected, healthy and to have optimal wellbeing.

The 4 principles are: EAT, MOVE, BREATHE, LOVE

EAT focuses on positive nutrition, a wide variety of fresh foods.
MOVE focuses on regular movement in terms of all the aspects; stamina, strength, flexibility
and skill (balance and co-ordination).
BREATHE is about emotional resilience.
LOVE is the foundation; it is conscious awareness and connection.
I believe that the 4 principles really are the heartbeat of our health and wellbeing.
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