Suzy’s approach to Health & Wellness Coaching

Live the life you really wish to live

Introductory text,

Coaching is a profession that helps to support a person in their life around specific goals, projects and transitions. It is different from counseling, mentoring or advice as it is very 'solution focused'. The 'Coach' creates a safe place with the belief  that each person, given the right supportive environment and questioning, has all the answers within themselves to help them on their life journey and make sustaining changes to their lives.

What does a Coaching look like?

Consultations can be either through face to face contact, Skype or telephone.

  • The first initial phone contact will set out the foundations, format and agreements of the sessions.
  • Sessions are then usually 60 minutes, with the initial session helping the client to become clearer about what they wish to focus on
  • Sessions may be weekly, bimonthly or monthly depending on the needs of the person. 

The Coach's role ans skill is to offer appropriate questions and to work with models such as the 'GROW' model and techniques which that allows a person to reflect and find ways to change, shift perspective, consider different ways they have not explored before and ultimately empower themselves to move towards  and embrace their life 'Goals'.